No worries! Be happy with WaterFurnace’s Symphony

A getaway from our Wisconsin winters sure can be nice. But do worries nag at you – like what if there’s a problem with the furnace? Get a Symphony home comfort platform for your WaterFurnace geothermal system and relax! How? Because it gives you control over your system through your home Wi-Fi to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Symphony marries the Aurora controls of a WaterFurnace geothermal system with a WebLink router. It’s cloud-based so there’s no software to install. The router communicates directly with the control board rather than just thermostat. This provides access to unit sensors, energy use, and system information rather than the limited information a typical thermostat sees.

If your system needs service, Symphony emails you. If filters need to be replaced, Symphony reminds you. If you want to monitor energy usage, Symphony lets you compare bills day to day or month to month. As long as you have an internet connection, Symphony has you covered.

Worry about sump pump problems, too? Expand Symphony with email/text notification in case of sump pump malfunction or washer hose failure. And that’s not all. Options include the ability to monitor multiple units in multiple locations – your cabin up north or that second home — and the power to control temperatures in up to six zones of your home. If a problem develops, a technician portal allows Advanced Custom Geothermal to access diagnostics and remotely troubleshoot.

If you own a WaterFurnace 7, 5, or 3 Series water-to-air units, Advanced Custom Geothermal can add Symphony as long as you have internet connection. If you don’t yet own a WaterFurnace geothermal system but are ready to go with a better way to heat and cool your home, contact Advanced Custom Geothermal today.

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