With Symphony, we’re here, there, everywhere

An Advanced Custom Geothermal customer called one winter night when outside temperatures were plunging. The customer said his WaterFurnace geothermal system was working but he wondered about the auxiliary backup heat. He explained that it never came on much at normal temperatures, however, since it was nearing minus 24 and didn’t come on, he was worried. He figured he would be fine but asked if we could check it out in the morning.

While we were happy to make a service call the next day, we knew this customer had chosen WaterFurnace’s Symphony, a Wi-Fi-enabled home comfort platform. This platform includes a technician portal that allows ACG to connect with the customer’s WaterFurnace system diagnostics. So that night, while we still had our customer on the phone, we were able to remotely troubleshoot his system.

We checked the hundreds of diagnostic readings that the system takes and quickly spotted a small problem. A few minutes and some online adjustments later and our customer exclaims: “Hey, the auxiliary power just kicked in. Thanks!”

Advanced Custom Geothermal is ready to provide great customer service in person whenever you need us. And with WaterFurnace’s evolving technology, we can provide our service that much quicker.

Learn more about Advanced Custom Geothermal and the amazing Symphony. Call 920-894-3999, email us, or contact us through Facebook.

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