3 at ACG earn Master designations!

Congratulations to ACG’s Dan Walsdorf, Sean Steffes, and Matt Werdeo for successfully passing the Wisconsin Geothermal Association tests. The three have been awarded Master designations as System Installers and as Loop Field Installers.
Master Installer Loop Field graphic
Passing the WGA tests demonstrates the individual’s commitment to proper design and installation of geothermal systems and acknowledges that the individual has completed the required number of hours of education and is willing to commit to continuing education.Master Installer System graphic

That’s also good news for those of you interested in a geothermal system for your home or business. Finding someone you can trust is so important in making a decision.

More good news? Those who earn the designation are committed to upholding the WGA’s Code of Ethics and to providing end-users with information that allows them to make the best decision with regard to whether geothermal is right for their application, what type of geothermal system is best for their application, and determining the right contractor for their project.

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