Lucky 7? Nah, it’s calculated to be great!

7 is said to be a popular, lucky, almost magical number. More WaterFurnace customers are finding it’s tops with them as well.

Of course, those customers are thinking about the groundbreaking WaterFurnace 7 series.

ACG customers are telling us that they are definitely seeing the savings, especially over the original 30+-year-old geothermal systems.

What’s not to coo over? The 7 Series is super efficient in providing the ultimate in comfort and performance. With a variable speed of 20%-100%, it keeps your environment comfortable over the widest scope of conditions.

You want technical? OK. It’s the only product to surpass both 41 EER and 5.3 COP. It’s vastly more efficient than any ordinary heating and cooling system and more efficient than any other two-stage geothermal heat pump.

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