Independent study confirms: Geothermal excellent!

A recent study of a geothermal heat pump system in a typical residential setting confirms excellent efficiency in mid-latitude America – that includes us in Wisconsin!

The mid-latitudes are between 23°26’22” North and 66°33’39” North. Wisconsin’s latitude is 42° 30’N to 47° 3’N.

The 12-month study showed that by using the ground as a thermal source for space heating, a large fraction – more than 75% – of space heating load was extracted from the ground, while for space cooling, the ground served as a thermal sink.

The field test showed average monthly electricity consumption was only 360 kWh for a 2,721-square-foot residential house operated under simulated occupancy in Tennessee.

The findings suggest that ground source heat pumps are a practical and viable technology to reduce primary energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions under the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2012 standard.

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