Get your furnace ready for winter’s cold blasts

Looks like winter’s trying to get a grip on us early this year. Is everything crossed off your fall to-do list? Leaves raked. Gutters cleaned. Lawn mower serviced and put away. Snowblower at the ready.

But how about your furnace?
Has it been checked and the filter changed?

Whether you have a geothermal or a conventional furnace, now is the time to make sure everything is operating at peak efficiency. For gas furnaces, it’s important not only for efficiency but safety as well.

After last winter, you know you don’t want to be caught without heat – or paying more for an inefficiently operating furnace – when the cold arrives for real.

Gas furnaces and boilers should have an annual inspection by a heating contractor. The contractor should check things like gas pressures, safety pressure switches, and heat exchangers. The temperature rise across the heat exchanger should also be verified against the manufacturer’s rating plate.

Geothermal heat pumps should be checked. A qualified geothermal contractor will verify that the system is operating up to specifications. This check should include a test for water flow through the geothermal loop as well as heat of extraction and heat of rejection through the coaxial heat exchanger. Fan speeds and temperature rise across the refrigerant coil should also be verified as well.

Have your furnace ready for whatever winter throws at you. Call ACG today.

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