Geothermal? It’s only logical!

A typical noisy air conditioning condensing unit has to work harder when summer temperatures start to sizzle. That’s only logical.

What’s fascinating is that geothermal operates efficiently and quietly out of the elements to provide  cool comfort in Wisconsin summers.

How is that possible? A ground heat exchanger is made up of a loop pipe system that works six to eight feet deep in a horizontal layout or 100 to 400 feet deep in a vertical design. The pipe is filled with an environmentally friendly solution of antifreeze and water that acts as the heat exchanger. The fluid extracts heat from the earth and carries it into your home or business in the winter. In the summer, the system reverses and takes heat from your building and deposits it to the cooler ground.

With the system’s few moving parts sheltered from temperature extremes and vandalism inside your home or business, the systems are highly reliable and durable.  Indeed, a geothermal system is so quiet you may not even hear it operating — but you will feel that it is. Your neighbors also will appreciate that there are no noisy outside units to bother them.

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